IRA & HSA Training Webinar Series

We're Gearing Up for a Strong Finish to 2021!


With 2020 in the rearview mirror, we're putting the pedal to the metal and moving forward with our business and personal lives. We understand it can be difficult to keep up with the constantly changing federal rules and regulations on IRAs and HSAs, but PMC is committed to being your backseat driver. 

Our 2021 Fall Training Webinar Series includes everything you've come to expect from PMC, including the latest updates in IRAs, HSAs, SECURE Act, CARES Act, and much more! Join us at your convenience for the information you need packed into 1.5-hour to 2-hour live sessions, watch the recording within 30 days after a live session, or purchase a recorded session if you missed it live.


However or whenever you watch, PMC is offering you the flexibility that's never been so important, while still making you the expert!



Join us for any or all of our ten live webinars where you will be able to actively participate. And, once your paid live webinar (Only $159 per person / per webinar) is completed, you will have on-demand access for an additional 30 days. 



IRA Contributions & Deductions


  • Regular Traditional & Roth IRA Contributions
  • Spousal Traditional & Roth IRA Contributions
  • Contribution Deadline
  • Deducting Traditional IRA Contributions


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Tues., Sept.. 21 - 2 PM 

Tues., Oct. 19 - 10 AM 

IRA Rollovers, Transfers and Conversions


  • IRA-to-IRA Rollovers
  • 60-Day Rollover Rule
  • One-Rollover-Per-Year Rule
  • IRA-to-IRA Transfers
  • Rollovers Between IRAs & WRPs
  • Traditional IRA-to-Roth IRA Conversions


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Thurs.,  Sept. 30 - 10 AM

Tues., Oct. 26 - 2 PM

Thurs., Nov. 18 - 10 AM

Taxation of IRA Distributions


  • Traditional & Roth IRA Distribution Taxation
  • Early Distribution Penalty
  • Exceptions to Early Distribution Penalty
  • Reporting IRA Distributions


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Thurs., Sept. 23 - 2 PM

Tues., Oct. 12 - 10 AM

Understanding Death Distribution Options


  • Beneficiary Designations
  • Spousal-Consent Requirements
  • Death Distribution Options
  • When the Five-Year Rule Applies 
  • The NEW Ten-Year Rule


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Thurs., Sept. 23 - 10 AM

Tues., Oct. 5 - 2 PM

Tues., Oct. 12 - 2 PM

Thurs., Oct 21 - 10 AM

Tues., Nov. 9 - 10 AM

Knowing IRA Reporting Requirements


  • IRA Reporting Deadlines 
  • Fair Market Value Reporting 
  • RMD Reporting 
  • IRS Form 1099-R and Form 5498 Reporting 


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Tues., Oct. 5 - 10 AM

Thurs., Oct. 21 - 2 PM

IRA Update


  • Late-Breaking News
  • Cost-of-living Adjustments 
  • Life Expectancy Table Changes
  • Reporting CRD Rollovers
  • Legislative Update


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Tues., Sept. 21 -10 AM

Thurs., Oct. 7 - 2 PM

Tues., Oct. 19 - 2 PM

Thurs., Oct. 28 - 10 AM

Tues., Nov. 16 - 10 AM

Lifetime Required Minimum Distributions


  • RMD Rules for IRA Owners
  • Uniform Lifetime Table and Joint Life Table 
  • Balance Used When Calculating an RMD 
  • RMD Notification Requirements 


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Tues., Sept. 28 - 10 AM

Thurs., Oct. 14 - 2 PM 

Tues., Nov. 9 - 2 PM

HSA Overview


  • Qualified Medical Expenses
  • Defining a High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)
  • 2021 and 2022 Contribution Limits
  • Moving Funds from an IRA to an HSA
  • Reporting HSA Contributions & Distributions
  • Taxation of HSA Distributions


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Tues., Sept. 28 - 2 PM

Thurs., Oct. 14 - 10 AM 

Solving Beneficiary Distribution Issues 


  • Avoiding Mistakes When Beneficiaries Inherit IRAs and WRPs

  • Taxation and Withholding Concerns 

  • Specific Beneficiary Issues including Documentaion, Minors, Power of Attorney, Disclaimers. 

  • Special Rules When Dealing with Trusts as IRA Beneficiaries 


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Thurs., Sept. 30 - 2 PM 

Tues., Oct. 26 - 10 AM

Calculating RMD Amounts*


  • Calculating Lifetime RMDs for IRA Owners

  • Calculating Death RMDs for Beneficiaries

  • The New IRS Life Expectancy Factors Starting in 2022

  • Adding Outstanding Rollovers and Transfers

  • Many Examples to be Used to Demonstrate Calculations

*Prior knowledge of death distributions or prior participation of Understanding Death Distribution Options webinar is recommended


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Thurs., Oct. 7 - 10 AM

Thurs., Oct. 28 - 2 PM

Each webinar purchase will include a FREE downloadable outline which can be referred to throughout the event. 


*Each webinar is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours in duration and all times listed are Eastern time*

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