2020 Summer Webinars

Thank you for your interest in our 2020 IRA & HSA Webinar Series.


Our 2020 IRA & HSA Webinar Series will address significant changes brought about by the SECURE Act and CARES Act (to include the new IRS relief for IRA owners and beneficiaries to roll over amounts that would have been RMDs in 2020). 


  • IRA Update: The webinar you need to learn about all the SECURE Act and CARES Act changes to IRAs.

  • Participate in the live webinars at the times listed.  You will also have access to the recorded webinar for 30 days after the live webinar session.

  • Ask questions and receive answers live.

  • Free webinar outline provided so you can follow along and takes notes.

  • Easy to join and only $159 per course / per individual registration.

  • Eight different courses available.


Choose the date and topic that's best for you!  Simply click on the webinar title below to purchase (PayPal account not required) and to register.


All webinars in this series will be presented live on Zoom. Upon receipt of payment, we will email a link(s) to the webinar(s) and the applicable speaker outlines which will help in the learning and retension process.


For any questions concerning our webinars or your reqistration, call us at 1-800-233-3207

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