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IRA Training



Effective September 2018, PMC will be offering twelve online IRA and HSA training courses that will allow you to learn from your desk!

Our low-cost courses will cover:

Contributions and Distributions            Rollovers and Transfers
Rollovers Between WRPs and IRAs    Taxation of IRA Distributions
Lifetime RMDs                                      IRA Death Distributions
Correcting Contributions                       Federal Income Tax Withholding
2018 Legislative Update                       HSA Foundations
HSA Advanced Issues                          IRA Reporting Compliance

Check back soon for more details.




Come take a ride with us on our Information Highway! 

Announcing PMC's Fall 2018 Regional IRA Seminar Tour - Join us on our Adventure.
Choose a Destination, Take in the Crucial Data, and Get up to Speed on "All things IRA!"

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Express IRA Training


IRA Video Training
If you think it's hard to find the time to train your new employees and keep your existing staff current on IRA rules and regulations, you're not alone. That's why we're proud to offer IRA Video Training, a whole line of video tutorials that get you and your people up to speed on IRAs quickly, conveniently, and without ever leaving the office! Read More


Too busy to come to one of our workshops? We'll come to you!
If you are interested in Custom On-Site IRA Training, please contact us to discuss a program that we can put together for your business.