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See for yourself how these two invaluable IRA reference volumes can help you.


The IRA Reference Manual @ $199 is the resource of choice for retirement account professionals, accountants and financial planners nationwide who rely on it daily for current information on IRAs, HSAs and ESAs.

  • Organized in a durable and attractive binder.
  • Updated Twice each year — fully upgraded in January and amended in June to ensure the most up-to-date information
  • Over 500 pages and 19 chapters, including:
    • Expanded SIMPLE IRA portability rules
    • Elimination of reduced private letter ruling fees for 60-day rollover waivers
    • A detailed breakdown of how recently updated Colas affect 2018 contribution limits
    • Increased coverage of HSAs
    • Much more
  • Hundreds of charts and real-life examples, all cross-referenced to specific laws and related issues
  • Both 2018 Reference Volume editions to include updates to reflect the NEW One-Rollover-per-Year Rule and Transition Rule for 2015. And, New & Improved Formatting - 1. Comprehensive table of contents on the title page of each chapter 2. User-friendly topical index helps to zero in on specifc info you want in seconds 3. Fully integrated ROTH IRA content that eliminates confusion and the need to cross-check 
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The IRA Desk Reference @ $69.95 is an easy and affordable way for your entire staff to keep on top of ever-changing IRA rules. In the office or away from it, you can be confident knowing you have access to the latest, most reliable information — all in one place!

  • An ideal companion volume to the IRA Reference Manual, The IRA Desk Reference is a lightweight, easy-to understand “training bible” you and your people will consult again and again
  • Revised Annually — each January
  • Compact size — Easily fits in your briefcase, handbag or carry-on
  • Over 400 pages and 17 chapters, including:
    • A detailed analysis of how the overturn of DOMA impacts IRA rules
    • How updated COLAs affect contribution limits for 2018
    • Expanded information on the private letter ruling (PLR ) process
    • Much more
  • Hundreds of detailed charts and real-life illustrations, plus crossreferencing to specific laws
  • See order form for the IRA Desk Reference 6-Pack offer.  Only $335 (plus S&H) - 20% off individual price.

    "Everyone should have this pair of IRA reference volumes.  Both include citations for virtually every IRA rule, and I can find what I need with the extensive organized index."
                 - Ed Slott
                   Ed Slott and Company




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