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PMC is a recognized leader in IRA training. We’re certainly not new to this. We’ve been doing it longer than anyone else — 40+ years.


We also fully understand that attending an offsite IRA training seminar requires a real commitment. Not only do you have to consider time, travel and budget constraints, you also have to figure out who will go and who will not. On top of that, you have to plan how the work is going to get done when a large portion of the staff is out of the office for one or two whole days.


Training staff isn’t something that can wait. New employees have to be brought up to speed, and seasoned staff need to be refreshed. With the complex and often confusing rules affecting IRA compliance, waiting isn’t an option you can afford.


That’s why PMC created IRA Video Training. Everything you need to know about IRAs is packed onto 6 CD tutorials. This valuable collection is available where and when you and all of your people need it—without leaving the office, without loss of productivity, and without busting the training budget. For a price of less than $100 per tutorial, you can flexibly train your entire IRA staff.


These high-quality videos are regularly reviewed and thoroughly edited to make sure they are in full IRS compliance. IRA Video Training is a cost-effective way to eliminate gaps in staff training and boost your team’s knowledge and confidence levels in a highly competitive IRA marketplace. Order this collection today!


Get All 6 Video Tutorials for $599 (Limited Time Offer):

  1. IRA Contributions & Deductions
  2. IRA Rollovers & Transfers
  3. Rollovers Between IRAs & WRPs
  4. Taxation of IRA Distributions
  5. Lifetime Required Minimal Distributions
  6. Death Distributions


End-Of-Year Updates Available for Just $49!

If selected when placing your order, for the low price of just $49 extra each year, you will automatically receive REPLACEMENT CDS FOR ALL TUTORIALS affected by Cost-of-Living Adjustments and rule/law changes.



Call us for a free no-obligation quote and learn how our Authorized Usage Agreement will allow you to train your staff via your company's internal network (intranet). 


"I am truly impressed with IRA Video Training. It's easy to follow, with on-point illustrations, in a well-conceived format. This is a simple, cost-effective IRA training solution."
— Mark Newcomb US Trust, a division of Bank of America, N.A.


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