What You Need To Know

Introducing A Great New Sales, Marketing and Training Tool about Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)


Written in plain English to IRA customers and prospective IRA customers, our six-book series isn’t “just another rules and regulations” reference source.


“What You Need to Know” books are each about 40 pages long and are low-cost and powerful sales, marketing and training tools.


  • Educate your best customers and prospects on the ins and outs of IRAs.

  • Show your customers that you value them as informed customers.

  • So comprehensive you can educate your entire staff on important IRA issues.

  • Make the most of your marketing and training dollars.


Consider a new way to market IRAs by ordering your copies today!

You and your customers can order each of these books from Amazon, but you can save money by ordering your discounted copies directly through PMC!


$6.95 each for 100+ copies

$7.95 each for 26-100 copies

$8.95 each for 1-25 copies

*Mix and Match plus nominal shipping fee



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