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Are your clients asking about Health Savings Accounts? 


Widespread uncertainty continues to surround the Affordable Care Act and the rapidly-changing healthcare industry.  As a result, many individuals are seeking out HSAs as a hedge against rising health care cots and the threat that certain medical procedures may not be fully covered by their existing plan or the one they choose through a state of federal health insurance exchange.


Our HSA brochure (updated to reflect 2024 COLAs) explains the benefits of an HSA in terms your customers will understand: eligibility, contributions, deductibility, quantified medical expenses, and more.


Printed in full color on high-quality stock, this attractive brochure is a sure way to grab your customers' attention.  PLUS...you can have the front and back imprinted with your organization's name and logo in full color!

PMC's HSA Brochure has been updated to reflect 2024 COLAs


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