PMC - We Make You The Expert

My job here at PMC is to make your job easier!

What sets PMC apart from our competition is our unswerving dedication to a unique market.  For four decades, we have built a reputation for unsurpassed expertise when it comes to “all things IRA” and tax-favored savings plans – and helping you administer them to your customers.  In fact, we set the standard against which all others in our field are measured.


Our success is firmly rooted not in what we sell but how we sell it.  Our customers are our most important asset.  If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied, which is why we bring “old-fashioned” principles like excellence, commitment, and first-class service to every facet of our business.


My job here at PMC is to make your job easier.  For more information on our products and services, and how we can make you the expert, please contact me personally:


Phone: 1-800-233-3207