About Us

All Things IRA and HSA

PMC is a privately owned and operated IRA and HSA consulting, training, publishing, and marketing services company. We have been at the forefront of IRA and HSA training and support since the inception of these revolutionary investment vehicles in 1975. We're proud of our reputation as the "go-to" source for up-to-date, reliable and verifiable information on IRAs and HSAs.


The primary reason for our success is that we make ourselves directly available to our customers, and we field their questions the “old-fashioned” way: one-on-one, over the phone. Our Hotline Service prides itself on “real answers from real people.” No virtual reps, no being put on hold, no one-size-fits-all FAQs, and best of all, no time limit.


Over the years, we have trained tens of thousands of retirement account professionals nationwide. Through our widely attended Fall and Winter-Spring Regional IRA Seminars and custom on-site training we offer convenient, cost-effective, “one-stop” options for you and your busy staff to stay abreast of tax-law changes and pending legislation, which can positively, or negatively, affect your customers’ retirement savings potential.


On the publishing side, we offer the IRA Insider, our monthly newsletter, which puts you at the head of the line for the latest breaking news on IRAs and HSAs.  We are also one of the premier providers of print and electronic forms, relied upon by major financial institutions and top financial advisors, for opening, modifying and maintaining IRAs and HSAs for their customers. PMC also publishes a line of customer brochures and these indispensable reference guides: The IRA Reference Manual (which is updated twice a year), IRA Digital Reference Manual (frequently updated); and the IRA Desk Reference and HSA Quick  Reference and Training Guide, both of which are revised annually.

A Message from the President and Founder of PMC

Back in 1975 when I started PMC, Individual Retirement Accounts were uncharted territory. There were a lot of questions about these revolutionary new savings plans and, naturally, a lot of confusion. PMC played an instrumental role in helping financial institutions blaze the trail in marketing IRAs to their customers – and making them understandable.


Now, more than 40 years later, the IRA market has expanded exponentially, and diversified to meet the needs of a whole new generation of people planning for retirement. And with that evolution even more questions have come: Which type of IRA dovetails best with your customers' retirement goals? When is the best time to convert, transfer or roll over retirement funds? What strategies can IRA owners use to avoid costly IRS penalties? The list goes on and on, but the one thing that hasn’t changed in all that time is PMC’s core philosophy:


Give each and every one of our customers attentive, personalized service; reliable, verifiable information they can get nowhere else; and above all, lasting value at an affordable price.


I didn't build PMC to be the biggest provider of IRA consulting and training services. I didn’t want to be the biggest. I aimed simply to be the best. To this day, PMC remains a privately owned company, not some massive, impersonal conglomerate. We don’t answer to shareholders; we answer to you, our customers, who have made PMC the recognized choice for IRA and HSA expertise.


In large part, our success stems from listening to what you have to say, and delivering on what we promise. That’s why every product and service we offer is backed by an unconditional money-back guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied, for any reason whatsoever, every penny you have paid will be promptly refunded. You have my personal word on it.


And, we do one more thing our competitors don’t: We make you the expert. Which, after all, is what your customers expect you to be.


After four decades, I am proud of what PMC has become and where we are headed. I’ll take being the best over being the biggest any day of the week. I think you will, too.


Steve Alexander
President and Founder of PMC