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  • Three Common Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Mistakes

    Aggregating Work Place Retirement Plans (WRP) & IRA RMD—IRA owners who have multiple IRAs, may choose to take a distribution from only one IRA as long as the distributed amount is large enough to satisfy the aggregated IRA RMD amount. However, if an individual has both an IRA and a workplace retirement plan (WRP), he or she must take a distribution from each type of retirement account (e.g., IRA and WRP) to satisfy the RMD amount for each type of retirement account.

    Deferring RMD—Unlike some WRP participants who may defer taking RMDs until the year they become retired, IRA owners must begin taking distributions for the year they reach age 70½, whether working or retired.

    Not Taking RMD by December 31 Each Year—The option to postpone taking their RMD until April 1 of the following year is available only for the individual’s first distribution calendar year (i.e., the year in which the IRA owner attains age 70½). For each subsequent distribution calendar year, the RMD must be taken by December 31of that year.

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